White and Red Cherries: A Slovenian Civil War Novel


Publisher: Tanja Tuma
Format: 5.25" x 0.44" x 8" (133 x 11 x 203 mm)
Pages: 174 (Paperback) 136 (Kindle)
File Size: 1094 KB
Language: English
ISBN: 979-8675251988

Like many other countries in Europe, Slovenia suffered severe consequences during and after WWII. Many historians claim that WWII was the continuation of WWI, which had ravaged Slovenia and, in consequence, divided its territories and citizens.

Vera and Suzy, best friends in their fifties, each face a close familymember diagnosed with cancer. Vera’s husband Adam, a successful company owner, want s full control over the time he has left, while Suzy’s mother Victoria, a post-WWII child, wants to live at all cost. Their individual choices deeply affect their loved ones.

Who owns one’s life? Is one free to choose the lesser evil? When time is running out, can assisted suicide bring salvation? Going My Way is an honest, poetic novel about living and dying.

1 review

Radka Tomšič Demšar, Oncologist

"The protagonists of the novel face diagnosis of cancer. Their illness sets the path for two families. The reader is inspired to contemplate life, death, human dignity, and many dilemmas as to intimate decisions one must make. Nevertheless, the novel instills optimism."